November 21, 2009

Wow.  A lot has changed since my last post here!

For starters I have a Job (not for long, now, though, I’m getting credit Crunched in April), and now I live in Port Glasgow With my wonderful boyfriend. On top of that, I’m moving to a three- bedroom house in Inverkip next year, after we spend a few months clearing it out and redecorating (and buying a piano for it). In short.. Life is a lot better than it was Back in April.

Then there’s the bad news. My youngest brother, Thomas, was diagnosed with Brain Cancer last month, and is currently recieving 6 weeks worth of Radiotherapy. He’s been given an 80% chance of survival and thankfully he’s coping very, very well – aside from hair loss and a bit of a smaller appetite, he’s prettymuch his usual chirpy and slightly crazy self.  Hopefully, when it’s all finnished, he’ll get the all clear and will be able to return to his normal everyday life.

That’s all I have time for right now, but watch this space, I plan to update this a lot more often.

Hachi. x


late update.

April 29, 2009

It’s been a long time since I last posted..  That means I’ve broken a new years resolution.Ah well.. there’s always next year.

Instead of writing about my favourite sport – as I said I would in my last post- I’m just going to write a bit about my life and  general happenings.

First thing on the list is joblessness. I’ve been looking for employment since December with very little success. I’ve had interviews and interest, but so far, no-one actually seems to want to employ me. Which isn’t good on several levels.  As I have said in previous posts, my parents are seriously considering a permanent move to the Isle of Lewis, which while being a very nice place in some respects, just isn’t somewhere I want to live. This presents a problem in that I’ll have to find somewhere else to live – without a job moving out is just impossible.

Other than that, the only down point in my life are the bizarre and random emotional “break downs” I’ve been having for the last few weeks.  One day I’ll be absolutely fine and the next I wont be able to stop crying, and I’ll feel really terrible. To be honest they aren’t as bad as they were, and I’ve been feeling a lot better this week – mainly because I’ve realised the causes, and I’m dealing or have already dealt with them.

changing the subject from sad things,

I’ll leave you all with a recommendation.

I recently watched a movie with my boyfriend called Memories of Matsuko – a Japanese film about a young man finding out about the life of his recently deceased aunt, who he never met. It made for some very humorous and extremely emotional watching. A must see.

Figure Skating

March 12, 2009

It’s nearly here, and I seriously can’t wait.

“What?” I hear you ask..

Only the biggest Figure Skating event of the year!
The World Figure Skating Championships 2009, held in Los Angeles, California.

I adore watching figure skating of any sort.
Weather it’s randomly passing by the skate rink in Braehead Shopping Centre, to catch a glimpse of a skating lesson, or watching huge international competitions on Eurosport.
I love it (I am often told by a friend of mine that I’ve realised my calling in life a little too late – She thinks I’m a bit too passionate about the sport for someone who has never learned to skate).
However, I’m more excited about this competition than I have been about any other since the Winter Olympics in 2006.
Last year, quite understandably, I missed all coverage of the Worlds due to a death in the family, And this season, to my annoyance, I missed coverage of both the Cup of Russia and the European Championships for no other reason than forgetfulness.
So, this being the biggest event of the season, I have to see it.

This year, I would be rooting for Daisuke Takahashi in the Men’s competition.
Not only because of my fangirl-ism over how hot he is, but because he is actually a very talented, and passionate skater.

He was the first Japanese man to win gold at the Junior World Championships at the age of 15, and was the first Japanese skater to win a silver medal at Senior World championships in 2007.  His spins are nothing short of beautiful, and his jumps are always powerful. His style is altogether full of flare and passion.

I would be rooting for him.. except that he won’t be at worlds this year. During a practice session last year he suffered an injury to his knee, and had to under go surgery to repair ligament damage.

Other than that, Brian Joubert for France and Tomas Verner for the Czeck Republic are both wonderful to watch and I’m hoping they do well.

In Ice Dance, I am, as always, hoping for Sinead and John Kerr to at least get a top 10 place.
It’s not often the U.K. has skaters it can be proud of, and Scottish ones at that.
You can’t deny that, even if they aren’t the best Ice Dancers out there, they have a lot of originality and inventive moves, and they’re the best this county has had since Torvill and Dean.

As for the Ladies and Pairs.. I rarely root for anyone.

Ladies skating never fails to be unpredictable, I mean, just look at Kimmie Meissner – back in 2006 she won the world title seemingly out of nowhere.
I think that there are a few reasons for this unpredictability.
One reason might be, that since a lot of female skaters have their peak performance during their mid to late teens, the girls coming up from the Junior levels are very likely to reach the top ten, and at the very least, give the favourites to win a bit of a challenge.
Though my boyfriend wants Miki Ando to win… partly because he likes the idea of a rare quadruple jump being performed in the Ladies competition – Something that will most likely be attempted by Miki Ando. (plus, I think he has a bit of a crush on her.   ¬_¬)

In Pairs skating I’ve never had favourites. I’m not sure why, but I watch it without any pre-conceived ideas about who’s going to win. Though I guess to an extent I like seeing the Chinese do well in this event.

Anyway, I’m sure I’ve written enough on Figure Skating for the moment… I’ll update again on worlds once it’s over.

As always, thanks for reading.



March 3, 2009

I can’t sleep. Partly because every time I turn over my ankle hurts and partly because I can’t stop thinking.

I’ve realised a lot about myself recently.  It’s as if I’ve been going through life paying attention to unimportant and very vain things -like how pretty my new shoes are, or if my hair looks nicer when it’s dyed black- and not actually thinking about who I am. As strange as it sounds, I’m not completely familiar with my personality, and I think that if I could meet myself I’d be totally shocked by the person in front of me.
I feel like I’ve still got a lot of growing up to do. Maybe I’m just being self absorbed. At any rate, I’ve caused a lot of headaches for a lot of people recently, so something has to change.

In other news..  I’m a lot closer to my dad these days. I think with everything that’s going on in my family life, us kids are, without realising it, taking sides.
There’s my mum, who, after relocating herself to Stornoway for the next 6 months, seems to have decided that she wants to make a life for herself there. Her reasons are valid. My two youngest brothers are, no offence intended to them, the “problem” children in our family, and since moving seem to be more settled and happy – particularly in school where most of their problems are. Plus, my mum has a good chance of permanent employment up there, with a much better wage- if not in the NHS, in my uncle’s podiatry practice.
The problem is this, my dad does not want to live on the isle of Lewis, again for some very valid reasons. Mainly, he doesn’t want to leave his life here behind, he’s taken a long time to find some long-lasting, like-minded friends who he’s able to meet up with regularly, and he doesn’t want to have to abandon that- he knows no-one up there, and would probably take longer to make new friends. Also, my dad does not want to live so far away from us older kids- we’d all have to find places of our own since we all have commitments here. Plus, Stornoway is boring.

Naturally things have been noticeably tense.. Minor tantrums have been breaking out. (including the ridiculous melodrama where I said something to my oldest brother about Japanese arcade geeks being able to “kick your ass at street fighter”, for which I was subjected to a good 15 minutes of yelling, a possible life-long ban from using his copy of SFIV, and which ended with a teary phone call at 4am to my boyfriend). We’ll just have to see how things go.. I’m sure I’ve written far too much about the whole Stornoway thing in this blog already..  I’m just hoping that nothing bad happens between my parents, because it’s looking more and more likely with every passing day.

As always thanks for reading.


Everyday Thoughts…

February 16, 2009

I find it annoying that the awesome things in your life just become part of everyday living. You begin to forget how important they are.. Though I probably shouldn’t be moaning ’cause (aside from the lack of job and money) I’m pretty damn happy at the moment.

All is quiet in the house right now, and I’m loving it. It’s like being on holiday in your own home. Though the fact is, it’s just for the simple reason that 3 family members have temporarily relocated themselves.. what, 400 miles away?   While I’m loving the quiet, there’s this sort of underlying fear that they aren’t coming back and that Dad and whoever else will be moving to be with them.. In which case I’ll have to move out, ’cause there is no way I’m moving to the isle of Lewis.

For the moment I should just focus on getting a job.


January 25, 2009

Time for an update, one thinks.

I made a decision recently, that has made me very happy, but I am sort of afraid of how certain people will view me when they find out about it.
It’s not that I have done anything wrong, and in the end I know that people who judge me for making what I believe to be the right choices, aren’t really my friends (though in saying that, I would understand given the situation, even if I know I haven‘t done much wrong).
But knowing that isn’t going to make me feel any better.  Maybe I’m just weak.
Despite this, I’d rather be open about it instead of hiding it… Hiding won’t help anyone.  Aside from anything else, facing fears makes you stronger, and if people are going to find out, they may as well find out sooner rather than later.
Though, thinking on it, maybe I should have more faith in people.

In other news… Half my family are temporarily  moving to the isle of Lewis, leaving me, two of my brothers and my Dad over here. Though it’s not because of what most people have thought on hearing about it first time.
My mum is only going because there’s a decent job up there, and she needs it. It’s not a case of her wanting to go, or her leaving my Dad or anything. It’s all down to the stupid financial crisis we’re having right now.
It sucks, really. No-one’s happy, least of all my parents who have been together almost constantly for the last 25 years ( in fact, the longest they’ve been apart since they got married has been a week). So everything has been teary and depressing around the house, which , like I have previously stated, really sucks.

Anyway, whinging over… Mainly just because I have had no other personal updates. Sadly no finding of a job or insanely lucky lottery win has happened for me to actually be doing anything worth talking about.
But on the plus side has made for plenty of spare time for gaming…

I was fortunate enough to get a PS3 for Christmas, along with Little Big planet and Metal Gear Solid 4. Both are insanely awesome games.
Little Big Planet mainly for it’s cute and fun vibe, along with the ability to create as much pointless and cool stuff as you can imagine( though this fact led to my (evil) younger brother’s cruel creation of a truly horrifying level, filled entirely with mushrooms… eughh…).
It’s main downfall in my eyes, is the fact that the name “Sackboy” will forever cause me to snigger. Yes, I am mature.
Metal Gear solid 4, I haven’t played very much of, just because I suck at it. So I tend to prefer watching my brothers play through it.
It is wonderful, in looks, in the way it plays, everything about it is awesome as far as I can see. Except for the fact that Snake is the equivalent of a fifty-something year old man, crawling around in skin-tight clothes. No-one wants to see that….

As always thanks for reading.



January 5, 2009

Things are definitely looking up…
It’s a whole new year and I have so much to look forward to.
After living though the semi-disaster that was 2008,
I feel that I need to make 2009 a good one,
And the best way to start is with a better attitude.
And of course a few good-old-fashioned resolutions…
I say a few, but really, last year was so bad
That it’s made me realise that I need to change more than a few things.
But even with that in mind,
The future is looking bright for me at the moment.

As always thanks for reading!
I will update my blog at least once a month from now on..
And hopefully, I’ll actually get around to writing something worth reading.

Hachiko .  x


December 12, 2008

I’ve been re-reading my favourite play recently- After Juliet by Sharman MacDonald. It’s basically the story of what happens after Romeo and Juliet are dead… To be quite honest, not very much happens in it, and the ending is more than a little disappointing. (actually, I could say that about a couple of things that have been going on with me recently.)

Despite that it is a brilliant play. Mainly because of the humour, speaches and random quotes that it contains. This being my favourite:

“a heart that’s fickle and can turn is, is fickle still and can turn again.”

I’m not quite sure why, but I really love that line. Besides anything else, I can say it reference to some stuff that’s happened this week. It’s possibly been the most bizarre week of my entire life and it’s made me realise just how much the decisions you make in life can affect the people around you.. short and long term, though maybe I’m just exaggerating.

Anyway.. I should also say before I go, merry Christmas and happy New Year, because this is probably going to be the last post of the year- though I might change my mind- after all my heart is sort of fickle.


November 20, 2008

Since I’m avoiding writing about important stuff….I’ve decided to be totally materialistic and  write a blog about cool stuff that I want.

Aside from watching anime and figure skating, or playing videogames, buying stuff is my favourite hobby. Besides, Christmas is a few weeks away and not knowing what you want always ends badly.

So here are five things that I want.

The first thing on my wish-list is…..


The iPod Nano Chromatic, for two very simple reasons.
Firstly, my old iPod is broken
And Most importantly, The Nano Chromatic comes in purple.

Item Number Two:


A Ball Joint Doll.
A friend of mine recently got one of these at an anime convention.
I seen it and fell just about as much in love with it as you can be with an inanimate object.
So I have decided that I want one…. Though not necessarily the one in that picture,
In fact I think I want a prettier one.

The third thing:


£16 from the English Cheesecake Company

Cheesecake. I LOVE CHEESECAKE, and that website does pretty much every size and type of cheesecake you can imagine. And the price means it’s got to be good.

Item Number Four:


No wish-list of mine would be complete without a pair of shoes on it.
I currently have a collection totalling in 57 pairs.
Now, I don’t know where those boots in the picture come from,
I just typed “Pink Boots” into a google search and found them,
But I have decided that I want them.

FInally, I want…


29,190 JPN YEN from Baby The Stars Shine Bright.

That dress and everything else from their website. Seriously, I love nice clothes,
But Lolita dresses From Baby the Stars Shine Bright are so so so much better than just nice.
They have the insane ability to make you feel pretty and ridiculously good about yourself.

Well there you are.. Five things I want. As if you actually wanted to know.


October 26, 2008

Wow… I haven’t updated since my first post.

Not that it matters, since I don’t think I’ll have very many readers after only one post. Really, I have been working on something to put here, but nothing I write seems to say what I want it to.

In the meantime, I’m going to post an exceedingly over-dramatic,  monologue-esque thing that I wrote on the 2nd of October 2005. Which is probably a stupid idea, since I was 16 back then, and I always end up embarrassed about things I wrote ages ago.

The reason I am posting it, is firstly because I need to update this, and secondly because I actually think it’s better than anything I’ve written recently. (If it’s better than anything I’ve written recently, and I’m embarrassed about posting old things.. then how much more stupid will I feel for posting recent stuff?) And thirdly, it makes me see how much I have to improve and in what areas.

It kind of makes me wonder why I was better at writing then, than I am now.

well anyway… here it is (and hopefully I won’t cringe too much because of it).

You are right in front of me
But I can’t reach out.
I can’t even say the words
That my lips are longing to let go.
You’re holding me back
Without even so much as a glance.
You’ve built an un-breakable barrier-
Made of the little things.
You know them all…
The broken promises and half-lies-
The little things that hurt me most.
You weaved them all together.
A carefully constructed wall,
A bitter, painful obstacle,
Set in the space between us
To keep us apart.

It seems that my childish dreams
Are just to stay as dreams.
Wishes for un-slept nights,
On cloud hidden stars.
They’ll not disappear so easily;
Part of you is still here,
Trapped inside my heart.
How can I let you go,
When you wont let me close enough
To give this piece of you back?

(on a side note, I can’t really remember who it’s written about or if it’s even written from my point of view. I’d forgotten I’d written it until I found it the other day.)